European University Faculty of Medicine announces Erasmus+ Mobility Contest for Students

European University Faculty of Medicine announces Erasmus+ K107 mobility nomination contest for its students with an active status studying in English and Georgian programs. The mobility is open both for international and Georgian students studying at the Faculty of Medicine.

The mobility will be implemented at the University of Malaga (Spain).


The costs of travel, learning and accommodation for this mobility at the University of Malaga is covered in the framework of Erasmus+ program.

  • Travel support for the students from Georgia: 820 €.
  • Individual support per month: 850 €.


  • The number of placements: 3 students. 
  • Major program: Undergraduate Program Health Engineering. 

 The main faculty will not be modified after the nomination deadline. Erasmus students are obliged to choose at least half of their courses in the primary faculty where they have been nominated in the Nomination Tool (according to the field of study contemplated in the interinstitutional agreement).  

  • Language of instruction: English.
  • Mobility period: 5 months, Spring (2nd) semester 2021.

Notice. Implementation of mobility in 2021 depends on the COVID-19 related regulations. 

Considering the epidemic situation, mobility can be postponed for the next semester. The final deadline of the implementation of the mobility is June 2022.

  • Eligibility: students from 3rd to 11th semester with a GPA not less than 2.0

The nomination Procedure 

First stage

The students of the European University Faculty of Medicine will register for the mobility.

Deadline: 28 October 24:00, 2020.

Please, fill in the form to register for the mobility. Please, use the European University email for that purpose.

The application includes your contact details (full name, faculty, program, semester, and passport copy), motivation letter and CV in the English language).

Assessment. Maximum 50 points. 

The assessment at the first stage is conducted by the Erasmus+ coordinator for this call. Evaluation of the application is based on the completeness of the information (10 points) strength of the motivation letter (20) and CV (20 points). 

The students who are excluded from the contest at this stage will be notified via the emails.

 Only the candidates who will receive minimum 30 points will be eligible to go to the second stage.

Second stage

The second stage includes the interview. It will assess the candidate’s language competency (25 points) and motivation to study in the health engineering program at the University of Malaga (25 points).

Interview day: 29 October 2020. The candidates will receive information concerning the online interviews (via Zoom platform). 

Decision making

The ranking of the candidates and nomination of the best 3 applicants is based on the points received from the first and second stage. The decision on the nominated candidates will be published on the website of the European University on 30 October.

Notice. In case the selected candidates have the equal points, the applicants with better GPA points will be given an advantage. 

The candidates will be notified about the results on 30 October. 


The selected three candidates will be nominated via the nomination tool before 1 November.

The registered students’ applications will be reviewed, and 3 winners will be announced on the websites of the University of Malaga and European University in November 2020.

 After 9 November, the representatives of the University of Malaga will directly contact the students for the second semester via email to send their login details to their platform for incoming students (EMI). Students will be duly informed about the procedures and application terms. 

The students who were correctly nominated will receive by email their login details for EMI for Semester 2 (SM2): 09/11/2020.

Application deadline for selected students: Semester 2 (SM2): 30/11/2020.

The original Letters of acceptance will be automatically generated after completing the application. The application is also online via the mentioned platform EMI. The University of Malaga does not need any hard copies or any other kind of document for the application.

Documents about the mobility from the University of Malaga

Factsheet about the mobility

Guide for international students at the University of Malaga


Enrollment for Exchange Students

Other Practical issues

Please, see the link concerning other practical issues.


The students of European University Faculty of Medicine should contact concerning mobility here:


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