A Contest for the Positions of Editors of the Journal Medical Student

European University Faculty of Medicine announces a contest for the positions of the Editor in Chief and 3 Editors of Medical Student.
Medical Student is an annual online journal, produced by European University, which publishes the best of student research from the university student community as well as around the world.
Functions of the Editor in Chief

  • Coordinate online or print publishing cycle and manage content areas.
  • Set publication standards and establish goals and expectations.
  • Suggest stories and generate headline ideas in alignment with targeted audience’s preferences.
  • Oversee layout (design, photography) and check content for accuracy and errors.
  • Proofread, edit and improve stories or pieces.
  • Recruit and manage authors.
  • Cooperate and liaise with designers, photographers, advertising reps, authors, etc.
  • Comply with media law and ethical guidelines.
  • Meet deadlines and budget requirements.

Functions of the Editors

  • Conduct daily operations concerning article submission, copy-editing and proofreading.
  • Spread information about the journal.
  • Inform authors about the manuscript preparation and submission.
  • Inform the authors about the policies of the journal.
  • Establish the system concerning plagiarism.
  • Selection of the articles and sending to the reviewers.
  • Solve the issues concerning publishing of the journal.


The journal publishes papers on all aspects of bioscience, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, medical science, behaviour, ecology, pharmacology, biotechnology, genetics, sports science, biology and neuroscience.
Selection Process

The selection of the candidates of the Editor in Chief and 3 Editors will go through two stages.
At the first stage, the commission will select the relevancy of the documents against the criteria. 

Stage two

at the second stage, selected candidates should pass the interview concerning their knowledge in medicine and editorial functions. The candidates will be judged according to their communication skills as well. The second part also includes a written test concerning the editorial job. 
Threshold to get selected: for the Editor in Chief – not less than 70 points, for editors – not less than 60.

Assessment criteria


General knowledge in medicine – maximum 25 points.
Knowledge of the research principles - maximum 25 points.
Knowledge of editorial work - maximum 25 points.


Written exam on the editorial work - maximum 25 points.


The candidates should be aware of the basic notions of the referred materials:

Requirements for the candidates to qualify for the competition

  • Being a 3rd/4th year student of European University MD program.
  • Having GPA minimum 2.5.
  • Having a record of research related activities (participation in the student conference, seminar,etc).

Deadline of sending your information:  6   July  2019.
Announcement of results of the 1st stage:  till 10 July 2019.
Stage 2. interview and a written test on the editorial work - 13 July
Announcement of results of the 2nd stage: 17 July 2019.
Application form

The candidates fill in the application form and upload their CV there (you need to have a Gmail account to upload the CV in the system).  

  • CV (showing the record of research activities (participation in the student conference, seminar, etc. in a MS Word Format).
  • Complete the application form
  • In case of issue, please, write us at eu.medjournal@gmail.com 
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