Research Support Center

Gvantsa Jichoshvili – Head of the Research Support Center

Among the important functions of the Research Support Center are:

  • Promoting and encouraging scientific research activities of the university staff and students;
  • Ensuring the involvement of university students and academic staff in scientific research processes, support for their scientific-research-creative and consulting activities; promoting the involvement of students and staff in local and international scientific conferences and research activities;
  • Identifying grant projects and promoting the involvement of staff and students in research grant projects; advising staff and students on individual and institutional research grant projects;
  • Organizing and conducting meetings and thematic training in order to promote scientific-research activities;
  • Developing and implementing a system for evaluating the productivity/effectiveness of academic staff research activities with the Quality Assurance Service, identify areas for improvement, and submit reports and proposals to relevant structural units, faculties, and research institutes.

Activities for academic staff

Activities for students

Ongoing Activities

Completed Projects

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