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Personnel management policy

What is human resource management?

Human capital is a key resource for creating an attractive work environment. The aim of the university is to attract highly qualified staff who will be able to make decisions independently, be creative, result-oriented and, above all, flexible, while performing their work. The implementation of all this must be ensured by the right policy of personnel management, our policy is:

Introduce mechanisms for attracting, selecting, developing, encouraging and maintaining diverse and talented human resources;

Creating a productive work environment where people feel valued and, most importantly, their knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics are properly generated;

Establish a fair and ethical work environment.

There are 5 basic principles of personnel management at European University:

  • Shared responsibility;
  • Service orientation;
  • Teamwork;
  • Respect for common organizational values;
  • Accountability.

What awaits you in case of employment?

If you are employed at a European university, you become one of the most advanced and successful employees of the group. It is a group based on European values ​​and constantly focused on development, innovation and authenticity. At the same time, we do not forget the traditions and their role. After passing the exam period, you will have a stable job, a friendly environment and healthy competition. Every employee of our university has the opportunity to develop their abilities and at the same time receive benefits such as:

  • Health insurance;
  • The possibility of career advancement;
  • An interesting job with a constantly growing team.

Staff development (rotation, promotion, transfer)

For the management team of European University, each person employed in the company is important. We realize that first and foremost, people create a successful future for each company.

The selection process involves several stages, after which you will successfully become a member of our team.

The university has an internal promotion practice that promotes the career development and professional advancement of our employees.

Selection procedures

European University has a strict selection of staff, which is the basis for fair, transparent competitions and the selection of the right staff. Due to the educational activities of the university, our organization employs both administrative staff and academic and invited lecturers.

Holding an academic position:

  • An academic position can be held only through open competition, which must comply with the principles of transparency, equality and fair competition. The date and conditions of the competition are published at least 1 month before the receipt of documents;
  • Candidates for academic positions are selected based on the study of the presented documentation and demonstration lecture;
  • An assistant, assistant professor will be elected to the academic position for a period of 4 years;
  • Associate professor - for a term of at least 4 years, and professor - for a term of 5 years.
  • For the academic position of associate professor and professor, a person will be selected for the duration of the program, for the following educational programs: one-cycle Medical Doctor educational program - for a period of 6 years;
  • on the one-cycle Dentistry Educational program - for a period of 5 years; on the integrated master's education program of veterinary medicine - for a period of 5 years;
  • On the integrated bachelor-master educational program of teacher training - for a period of 5 years;

Holding a position of invited lecturer:

  • The invited lecturer is a person with relevant education / qualification or competence, who has at least a master's degree or an equivalent academic degree and possesses the relevant knowledge and skills to lead the course.
  • The position of the invited lecturer can be filled by open competition or recommendation (based on the search by the head of the program);

Holding an administrative position:

The university has developed job descriptions of the administrative / support staff and the qualification requirements set for them. For a vacant administrative position, the selection is done by several methods:

  • Internal rotation;
  • Recommendation;
  • Announcing an open competition.

Current academic competition:

Current scientist competition:

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Current invited staff competition:

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Current administrative vacancy:

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