The first strategic priority of the European University is to develop scientific research activities and to introduce and share best research practices in cooperation with local/international partners.

The strategy of the European University involves initiation of result-oriented internal as well as joint interdisciplinary research/creative activities with international partners, including research/development centers, universities and donor institutions; engagement of young, progressive scientists; encouraging involvement of students in research activities, creation of required textbooks and literature in Georgian, as well as development of translation activities; introduction of transparent and fair internal research funding procedures and maximization of the support for attracted researchers in obtaining necessary funding and conducting relevant scientific activities in accordance with the relevant standards; development and implementation of the mechanisms for the commercialization of research results to contribute to the formation of new knowledge, visions, approaches and perspectives in law, psychology, business, economics, and medicine.

In order to carry out scientific-research activities effectively, the University has developed various institutional and financial instruments, the combination of which creates a flexible and comfortable environment to support scientific-research activities.

Scholarly journals

  • Scholarly Journal "Globalization and Business"
  • Scholarly Journal "Law and World"
  • Journal of Biomedical and Medical Sciences

Research funding

The European University annually announces internal grants to fund research projects. In order to create a unified system of science funding, to build the trust of those involved in scientific activities, to establish transparent and impartial procedures, and to introduce the principles of rational spending of funds for science funding, the University has established "The Rule for Research Funding".

Affiliation with European University

Affiliation implies a written agreement between a university and a member of academic staff, by which each member of academic staff determines his or her affiliation with the European University only, participates in the development of the society and knowledge sharing processes on behalf of the University.

According to “The Rule of Affiliation” of the European University, scientific research of affiliated staff, as well as publication of a book, publication of an article in international scholarly journals, participation in conferences and other scientific activities is funded by the European University.

Each year, a sum of 3,000 GEL is allocated to each affiliate professor at the European University for research and various scientific activities (both for the affiliate professor's honorarium, as well as for consumables or other expenses related to research activities).

The affiliate academic staff member is entitled to apply to the University for the raise of the sum allocated for the promotion of research activities.

Affiliate academic staff members are encouraged to include foreign researchers and/or students in their scientific research and receive an incentive in the form of an increase in funding for a research activity, a cash prize or a reward.

Ongoing and completed research projects

  • Research project “Sleep disorders and stress in international students of the Faculty of Medicine at the European University”
  • Research project by Dr. Tinatin Gognadze and Dr. Shorena Tsiklauri: “Treatment and prevention of dry throat after chemotherapy in cancer patients with the drug Isla Mint"
  • Research project of Prof. Maka Mantsikava, Doctor of Life Sciences, “Complex study of intravascular and vascular factors to determine blood flow in young people”
  • Research project to be implemented – “Gin, Hoover, Taylor, Atkinson and Migration Indices and their economic analysis for Georgia, its autonomous formations and historical sites”
  • Research project to be implemented – “EU Business Environment: Complex Analysis and Forecasting”
  • Research project to be implemented – “Factors of competitiveness of the regions of Georgia (Kiziki: Sighnaghi and Dedoplistskaro Municipality)”
  • Research project to be implemented – “Practice of International Legal Aid in Civil Cases in Georgian Courts”

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