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One of the main goals of European University is to ensure a high quality of the learning process. To this end, In May 2019, Innovative Teaching Training Center was opened by European University, which is focusing on improving the continuous professional development of the academic and invited staff of the University and the introduction of innovative teaching methods in the field of higher education.

It is noteworthy, that as soon as the center was established, European University provided to invite international education experts to hold a conference on "Modern Methods and Challenges of Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education. Also, in the framework of international cooperation, representatives of Hungarian and Austrian universities of Salzburg (University of Salzburg and Central European University) conducted training for the trainers of the center.

Qualified trainers of the training center promote the process of introducing innovative teaching methods in educational programs. The training center systematically provides academic staff and invited specialists with six main modules:

  • Planning a student-centered learning process;
  • Modern methods of assessment in higher education;
  • Modern teaching methods in higher education;
  • Problem-based learning;
  • Principles of Academic Integrity in Higher Education;
  • Highly effective use of remote platforms in teaching;

Innovative Teaching Training Center, in close cooperation with the administrative staff, promotes the introduction of digital platforms, both in the learning process and in the field of distance learning.


Mariam Abesadze - Head of Innovative Teaching Training Center 

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