Scientific Research Institute of Economic and Social Issues of Globalization

The Research Institute of Economic and Social issues of Globalization was founded in 2016. The staff of the institute and the professors of the faculty of business and technology of European University actively participate in local or international scientific and practical conferences and are editorial board members of scientific journals of universities of Georgia and foreign countries. The Faculty of Business and Technology of European University and the above-mentioned institute issue an international peer-reviewed (refereed) journal- Globalization and Business. The Institute cooperates with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and St. Andrew the First Called Georgian University, regularly conducting scientific theoretical seminars with the involvement of professors and students of the same university.

Objectives of the Institute
The main goal of the institute is to:
  • Organize scientific-research activities in the university that will be focused on modern knowledge and quality.
  • Ensure institutional cooperation with local, international and regional organizations, governmental and non-governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations, and diplomatic missions in the field of science, culture, and information.
  • Establish contacts with foreign universities and business sectors through the relevant services of the university to promote the research results.
  • Carry out different projects aiming at international education and academic development of the scientist-researchers of the university (Internship, training, exchange programs, grants, scholarships, joint scientific researches, inviting leading specialists to conduct lectures and seminars, organizing conferences and seminars, contributing participation of the university staff in international conferences, etc.).
  • Contribute in organizing the international conferences, seminars, symposiums.
  • Together with the faculty of business and technology, organize preparation and publication of the periodical journal- Globalization and Business- based on the results of practical work of the university academic staff, specialists and researches of other scientists.   
The Institute carries out scientific researches in the following core directions:
  • Economic problems of globalization.
  • Social problems of globalization.
  • Business environment of globalization.
  • Business peculiarities of globalization.
  • Social and economic problems while involving Georgia in European integration processes.
  • Features of EU business environment.
  • Social and economic systems of the Caucasus and neighboring countries.
  • Institutional development in modern conditions of globalization.
  • Modeling issues of descriptive and statutory predictions of the economic and social processes of globalization.
  • Technological problems in the context of globalization.
  • Problems of tourism development in Georgia in terms of globalization processes.

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