About University

European University is a dynamic institution, characterized by its rapid growth and commitment to development, operating since 2012. The university includes. two campuses and a modern student dormitory that can accommodate up to 500 students.

The university comprises of 3 faculties:

European University offers educational programs in both Georgian and English languages. It is home to four scientific-research institutes: the Institute of Law, the Scientific-Research Institute of Economic and Social Issues of Globalization, the Medical Research Institute, and the Andria Apakidze Institute of Archaeology. These institutes publish international refereed journals.

The university has a historical-archaeological museum, within which expeditions are actively carried out.

European University is focused on European values collaborating up to 90 higher education institutions abroad. Within this international partnerships students are able to use exchange programs and continue studying abroad.

The university has been honored three times as a Jean Monnet activity winner and successfully implements projects funded by the European Union.

European University is stands out with vibrant student life, student sports groups and bands.

Moreover, European University is dedicated to providing students with high-quality European education. The Student and Alumni Support Center facilitates student and alumni employment and internships through partnerships with esteemed organizations.


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