Mission, Vision and Values


European University is the higher educational institution based on European values and focused on sustainable development whose mission is to:

  • Promote personal fulfillment and creativity of local and international students and academic staff by developing their critical thinking, innovative and academic skills;
  • Offer high quality and student-oriented higher education;
  • Provide active participation and contribution in the formation of the knowledge society and knowledge based economy in Georgia;
  • Support scientific/research and creative activities;
  • Prepare competitive workforce for local and international job markets;
  • Provide academic freedom for students and academic staff;
  • Care for development of society in terms of social responsibility, ensure lifetime education, promote tolerance,  mutual respect and intercultural dialogue.

By 2025, the European University is an open academic space that develops modern, well-equipped, comfortable, and adapted educational, scientific, and work infrastructure, maintains financial sustainability, attracts and effectively retains highly qualified human resources, promote their professional development and self-realization process, and promotes academic mobility through active involvement in the internationalization process. For these purposes:

  • The European University, within the scope of social responsibility, promotes lifelong learning of the interested persons, is engaged in environmental and community-oriented activities, always takes care of the wellbeing of the society within and outside of the university;
  • The University has a wide range of accredited educational programs and develops them continuously;
  • Both Georgian and foreign citizens who have the necessary skills and sufficient motivation to get a quality education study at the University;
  • The University has and successfully implements the effective selection of the student body: Student attraction is mainly achieved through targeted projects and direct communication, continuous work on university brand development and reputation building, and long-term cooperation with Values of the University;
  • Focusing on Quality - ensuring high quality when implementing teaching/learning, scientific and governing activities also delivering the university services.
  • The University is distinguished by innovative/modern knowledge and teaching methods and a

    sound quality control system;

  • It facilitates the implementation of research-scientific activities and internationalization;

  • The University enjoys a good reputation and a trusted brand.


  • Focus on Quality –  Ensure high quality while learning and teaching, implementing scientific and the university management activities and providing services of the university
  • Determination - European University is a higher education institution focused on permanent renewal that seeks to fit an international educational market.
  • Orientation on Constant Development - The University will facilitate the professional and personal development of the university society. Optimal decisions are made from existing alternatives.
  • Teamwork - The priority of the University is that all stakeholders are oriented towards achieving a common goal and equally share main goals, visions and values of the university as a higher education institution. It is important for the university that its staff, students, employers and other interested ones be engaged in all the processes taking place in an educational area in accordance with their competence, interest, rights and obligations.
  • Transparency – the higher educational institution uses open and public approaches towards all the processes ongoing in the university which is reflected in relevant regulations, procedures and decisions.
  • Fairness - Any decision made at European University relies on fair arguments and objective criteria of decision making taking rights and ideas of all the stakeholders into account.
  • Equality and equal opportunities – The university is focused on promoting intercultural dialogue for which it develops such an educational space where each member of the university society feels as a plenipotentiary representative of the society despite his or her race, sex, origin, complexion, language, religion, political or other ideas, social class, wealth or rank, living place or other features.
  • High academic culture - The University welcomes and promotes establishment of principle of academic ethics,mutual respect among collegues, support and collegial relationships in the university environment;
  • Academic Freedom - academic staff, scientific personnel and students' right to independently carry out teaching, research and study;
  • Social Responsibility - The University takes into account the needs of different social groups, thus contributes to the development of our country and social, economic and environmental problem solving through active participation of students and staff;
  • Cooperation with external actors - The university is open for cooperation with all stakeholders and develops mutually beneficial links both in Georgia and abroad.

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