Institute of Law

Institute of Law was established with the faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Sciences of European University in 2015, which itself publishes the scientific journal -Law and World.

Ioseb Kelenjeridze - Head of Institute of Law

Mariam Shikhamirashvili - Assistant


  • Ekaterine Lapachi - Chief scientist
  • Tatia Dolidze - Chief scientist
  • Nino Tsereteli - Chief scientist  
  • Ana Gurieli - Senior scientist
  • Giorgi Amiranashvili - Senior scientist
  • Tamar Avaliani - Senior scientist
  • Akaki Beridze - Scientist
  • Gvantsa Chaduneli - Scientist
  • Guram Gvinjilia - Scientist
  • Elene Kavtuashvili - Scientist
  • Tamar Mskhvilidze - Scientist


Objectives of the institute
  • The objectives of the institute are to:
  • Cooperate with international free scientific and educational community and be its active member.
  • Carry out joint scientific research projects together with Georgian and foreign partners in the field law.
  • Organize trainings, conferences, and lecture-seminars, training-methodological, scientific-methodological and other types of events.
  • Promote rising qualification in different fields of law for applicants of different levels.
  • Conduct international and nation-wide competitions and Olympiads.
  • Cooperate with relevant international scientific community.
  • Do scientific and analytical research in law and publish the material obtained.
  • Prepare and issue publications (monographs, manuals, scientific journals).
  • Promote the development of the law field.
Forms of activity
  • The forms of activities at the institute include to:
  • Hold seminars, discussions, conferences, training courses, presentations, competitions and various activities;
  • Cooperate with various social organizations, governmental structures, international and local donors; participates in projects and competitions, and comes up with initiatives of projects and competitions;
  • Carry out legal consulting;
  • Appear in court to protect the interests of physical and legal entities;
  • Ensure the involvement of students of the European University Law Faculty in trials;
  • Cooperate with foreign educational and scientific research institutions;
  • Attract professors and teachers from abroad and organize their lectures at European University.
  • Publish scientific journal in the field of law, both in print and in electronic form.
  • Translate foreign textbooks into Georgian and publish them.
  •  Carry out other academic, scientific research activities.