Student and Alumni Service Center

Natia BakradzeHead of Student and Alumni Service Center

Sopho Skhirtladze – Co-head of Student and Alumni Service Center

Teimuraz Gogrichiani – Assistant of Head

David Lolua - Sports and Cultural Event Planning Manager

Our main goal is that you - our student, were self- realized, successful professional

Remember that we and you - work together on your success from the first day of your arrival!

Remember that here you are already a member of our successful team


  • You  as  our  student

We prepare you for future career and help to step up

For better employment we will help you develop your career competencies;

  • We will organize interesting meetings, workshops, master classes and public lectures with leading partners and well-known personalities.

We will help you in CV preparation and get ready for interviews;

You as our alumni

Remember that your future is our future

We create the Alumni Association that will constantly take care of you;

Along with alumni we will arrange useful and interesting activities;

Together, we will create and implement innovative ideas;

We will introduce your achievements to the society;

Your employment and career

Our main goal is your   success

We will help you select a desirable job

Our partners are your potential employers

You are getting to be the wanted and demanded person - we know what the employer needs

We regularly offer partner organizations our students and alumni candidates

Sports and cultural life

There is no time for boredom with us! Do not hide your talent and let us be proud of your success

  • Together with you, we set up sports and cultural teams (sport, music, art and other)
  • With the participation of university bands and dancers we organize amazing Graduation, Welcome and New Year Parties; also, excursions, various national and thematic events, charity and social responsibility projects.
  • We care about creating an interesting and diverse student environment

Psychologist consultation

You can use service of professional psychologist any time. The only thing you need is to call the number 577 15 08 01 and arrange meeting with psychologist (Consultation is anonymous)

Adaptation Program

If you are away from the family, if our country or our city is not familiar to you, if you are not aware enough about a new living environment,if you find cultural adaptation difficult, we will help you to  integrate into a new environment.

contact us: 032 000 171 (134).

#Join your friends!

EU Futsal Team- Our super motivated boys;

EU BandTakes part in EU events

EU Dance Ensemble-Modern word in Georgian choreography;

EU Volley-ball Team- The most beautiful Champion girls of Georgia;

EU Basket - ball Team - and Coach B;

EU Club of the Funny and Inventive PeopleDiscovery of the year;

EU Hiking Club -Tourism and environmental projects throughout Georgia;

EU Student Research CenterThe hub of innovative ideas.

Do you know  that the university has finances for :

126 800  GEL -Self-government And student activities

90 000 GEL - Student parties

52 470  GEL - Student conferences

24 500  GEL - Student scholarship

Adress : Tbilisi, D.Guramishvili #76,European University

III Floor, #307

Tel: 0322 000 171 (134)

Head of the center- Natia Bakradze (577 15 08 01)