Student and Alumni Service Center

Natia Bakradze – Head of Student and Alumni Service Center

Sopiko Chilindrishvili - Student and Alumni Service Center Manager

David Lolua - Sports and Cultural Event Planning Manager

Services and employment

The Student and Alumni Service Center at European University has been operating since 2018. The main goal of the center is to create a favorable environment for the student to be self-realized and successful. The service center works with the student on his or her success.

Service Center Services for Students:

We prepare for the future and help move forward

  • For better employment, we promote the development of career competencies;
  • Together with leading partner companies and celebrities of their choice, we organize exciting meetings, workshops, masterclasses, and public lectures;
  • We offer a career counseling service, help prepare a resume, write a cover letter and prepare for an interview.

Service Center Services for Alumni:

The future of students is our future

  • We have created an alumni association and are constantly caring for them;
  • We organize useful and interesting activities with the graduates;
  • Together we create and implement innovative ideas;
  • We inform the public about the achievements of our graduates.

Employment and career of students and Alumni

 Our main goal is to make the student/alumni successful

  • We help them choose the service they want;
  • Our partners are their potential employers;

European University collaborates with both the private and public sectors. Our partners and therefore the potential employers of our students/graduates are successful companies and organizations in the field.

  • Our students/graduates become desirable and in-demand staff - we know what the employer needs;
  • We constantly provide information about students and alumni to partner organizations.

Career Consultant

European University students can at any time, individually, use the services of a career counselor on career development issues such as: preparing a resume, writing a cover letter, preparing for an interview, and adapting to the work environment. To receive the service, the student must contact the service center at 2 000 171 (134) and sign up for a consultation. The Student and Alumni Service Center will review the application and contact the student individually.

Adaptation program

If the student is away from family, if our country or our city is foreign to him/her, does not have enough information about the new living environment, has a problem of cultural adaptation, the center helps him/her to integrate with the new environment. To do this, the student should contact us at 2 000 171 (134).

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