International Relations

The European University International Relations [IR] Office is responsible for the internationalization of the teaching-learning process, extracurricular activities and research.

The office staff work (1) to create a multicultural learning environment by means of facilitating the recruitment of the foreign academic staff or through organizing incoming and outgoing international mobilities of students and personnel; (2) to promote the academic and/or professional development of students and staff via their involvement in the international projects and educational activities; (3) to support an exchange of knowledge and experience between European university and the educational-scientific communities worldwide by means of establishing partnerships with foreign universities and international associations. Additionally, the IR office provides informational, organizational and communication assistance to all structural units of European University when implementing the work of international character.

The work of the IR Office is regulated by the document - "European University Internationalization Policy and its Implementation and Evaluation Mechanisms", while the exchange programs are conducted according to the "Rule for Participation in the International Mobility Program".

Mariam Mania - International Projects and Bilateral Mobility Manager

Tinatin Zaalishvili - International relations and cooperation manager

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