• DirectionSocial Sciences
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Psychology
  • Program manager: Lasha Khojanashvili
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Length of the course: 8 terms
  • Program Volume: 240 credits
Aim of the program

In line with the modern requirements in the field of education and science, the bachelor degree program in Psychology aims to prepare competitive, qualified specialists equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional values who will be oriented on professional development.

Objective of the program is to prepare a specialist who, based on the manager instructions, can meet public demands, requirements, and challenges by maintaining the norms of professional ethics. Within the bachelor’s qualification, the program intends to provide the graduates with wide and modern knowledge of  psychology as a science and history of its evolution, basic theories and modern trends, characteristics of human development, psychological regularities of an individual or group behavior and factors (cultural, social and individual) that impact on it, theories explaining  normal and abnormal behavior. Additionally, the program aims to make sure the graduates have developed the skills of analytic, creative and practical thinking, verbal and written communication, as well as the skills to plan and implement small scale psychological studies, do statistic processing of obtained data on basic level, analyze, explain and present the results in accordance with academic standards.