• Direction: Master of Business Administration in Management
  • Qualification awarded: Business Administration
  • Program director: Gocha Tutberidze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Duration: 4 terms
  • Program volume: 120 credits


Program Goals

Goal of the management master’s program is to prepare highly qualified specialists for the field of management, who will have a deep and systematic knowledge of economic conditions of business organizations (state, commercial and non-profit entities, international organizations, and others.) and their management and will be able to apply knowledge acquired in practice. Accordingly, within the competencies specified by the master’s degree, they will meet demands of local and international job market.

Problem oriented learning will enable students to become managers relevant to modern demands who can cope with problems at their workplace, develop and creatively use knowledge obtained at European University.

One of the main tasks of the program is to take a student close to practice by providing internships at organizations of public and private sector, as well as by utilizing various forms of active cooperation with professional circles.


Field of employment

The graduates can be employed as in a state structures (the National Bank of Georgia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, etc.) as any organizational and legal type companies, business and consulting firms. Also, he/she can take a position of a manager of average and the highest governing unit and carry out managerial, financial, administrative and business, analytical, scientific research and educational activities.