Business Administration

  • Direction:  Business Administration
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Program Director: Professor, Doctor, Gocha Tutberidze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian / The student has possibility to take English language on several courses
  • Duration: 8 terms
  • Program Volume: 240 credits
The aim of the program

The aim of business administration educational program is to develop necessary knowledge and skills of student, for the purpose to receive competent, on local and international working market competitive and socially responsible entrepreneur, executive manager (executive, financial, commercial director and  etc) or manager. 

The content of the program gives possibility to student to gain knowledge about different spheres of public activity, which are in connection with the world of business: economy, finances, accounting, management, marketing, also it helps student to gain and develop general skills: oral and written communication, English language, ethics and informatics. Together with all of the mentioned above the program gives the student possibility to use their knowledge and skills in practical situations. The program supports to gain such kind of important skills as they are: analysis, synthesis, problem solving, critical thinking and working in the group.  

The sphere of employment

In the frame of bachelor’s program of business administration gained sphere and general (transfer) skills, the graduate will have possibility to be employed in state and private sector, in organizations with different profile (entrepreneurial and business structures), where he will practically implement the main professional functions independently as well as in working groups.

The possible sectors of employment are, as state structures of Georgia and private business, also foreign-Georgian joint ventures, non-governmental sector organizations. The person with bachelor’s degree can have position of specialist or high and middle level manager position for example: 1. Executive director, financial director, commercial director and etc. 2. Head of financial service, finance manager, credit officer, credit analytic and etc. 3. Purchase manager, accountant, auditor and etc. 4. sales manager, marking worker, sales analytic and etc 5. Manager of branch office, project manager, auditor, manager of human recourses and etc.  

Prerequisite of access of Bachelor’s program
  1. The person owning the document proving the complete general education or its equivalent, who will gain the right to study based on ranging of coefficients of the points received on Common National Exams in Ltd European Teaching University. 
  2. For the admission on the program obligatory subjects are: Georgian language and literature, general skills, foreign language (English language), fourth subject to be chosen: mathematics.
  3. The minimal competence level on common national exams – tackling the minimal barrier determined by the legislation.

On the program without going through common national exams to study have persons who:

On the program without going through common national exams to study have persons who:

  1. Foreign country citizens and persons without citizenship, who received in foreign country complete general education or its equivalent;
  2. The citizens of Georgia, who received in foreign country complete general education or its equivalent and during last 2 years of general education they studied in foreign country;
  3. For the citizens of foreign countries (except participant students of joint high educational program and participant students of exchange educational program), who study/were studying and received credits/qualification in foreign country high educational facility recognized according to the legislation of this country.
  4. For the citizens of Georgia (except joint high educational program participant students and exchange educational program participant students), who in foreign country educational facility during the period of education were living not less than 75 days during one of the semesters and received credits/qualification in foreign country in high educational facility recognized according to the legislation of this country.

The persons determined by “a”, “b” and “c” sections are obliged to go through interview organized by the university of Europe with the aim to determine the knowledge of language. The persons considered by “d” section will gain the right to continue the education in University of Europe in case of successful passing of the general skill exam organized by the LEPL Evaluation and Exams National Center.

On the program will be also admitted:

The admitted students according to the rule of mobility “about rule of the coming to the high educational facility from high educational facility and approval of the fees” approved by order N10/n (4.02.2010) of minister of Education and Science of Georgia.