Certificate program

Name of the training: Modern challenges in the teaching-learning process.

Target group of the training: The training can be attended by school teachers, principals, deputies and all interested persons. Trainings are conducted in all subjects, both for current teachers and those wishing to enter the profession;

The purpose of the training:

The aim of the training is to deepen the knowledge of the attendees in the following areas:

  • Appropriate use of developmental and formative assessment for effective management of the learning process;
  • pupil-centered learning environment - its characteristics;
  • Develop teaching and assessment skills and strategies to create a pupil-centered learning environment;
  • Positive management of the learning process;
  • Basic approaches to constructivist theory in the teaching process - planning and use.

Topics to be discussed at the training:

  • Evaluation - principles of developmental evaluation;
  • Benefits of developmental assessment for pupil and teacher;
  • Developing self-management and metacognition skills;
  • Self-management strategies and methods;
  • Complex assignment, role-playing games, solo taxonomy and forms of assessment;
  • Challenges in the teaching-learning process and ways to deal with them.

Training results:

Participants will be able to effectively plan the learning process in the school and create a pupil-centered environment.

The persons attending the training will be given: Electronic resources, reading and working materials and bilingual certificate.

About the trainers: Maggie Rostiashvili

Training duration: 4 contact hours (10 hours for independent work)

Training Date: April 24, 2021. Time: 14:00 - 18:00 o’clock.

Training cost: 50 GEL

Given the pandemic situation in the country, the training will be conducted online. A Zoom or Teams platform will be used for the meeting. (According to the wish of the registered persons)

Please pay the training fee before registering, reimburse the training fee, as you will be able to upload a receipt confirming the amount paid in the registration link.

Bank details

Bank Of Georgia
Bank code : BAGAGE22

Bank details

TBC Bank
Bank code: TBCBGE22

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