News - Innovative Teaching Training Center

Introduction of distance learning platforms:

The role of the Training Center for Innovative Teaching is especially important during a global pandemic, when the university is fully adapted to the distance learning model in the shortest possible time.

The Innovation Center trainers intensively started with up to 300 academic and invited staff. Trainings were also provided university personnel, including educational program managers, training and examination center staff.

In order to properly adapt distance learning and make effective use of digital resources, the following training modules have been conducted and in process too, at Innovation Centers:

  • Interactive methods of distance learning;
  • Use a variety of learning resources on the Moodle platform;
  • Various methods of assessment and teaching on remote platforms;
  • Multifunctional use of the Zoom platform;
  • Provide a reliable environment for the examination process remotely;

Organizational management in remote mode:

The organizational activities of the European University have shifted to the digital platform of operational support. Introduced in the institution - the Trello system.

In order to effectively adapt the organizational activities to this program, the Innovation Center gradually provided trainings to the top management of the university, middle management and specialists. This platform is a flexible mechanism for University, not only during social distancing, but also for a long time, to make its activities systematic and to ensure the planned achievement of the strategic goals of the institution.

Provide academic and invited staff and students with video tutorials:

In order to quickly adapt to the distance learning platform and make effective use of digital resources by the academic, invited staff and students of the European University, they have been provided with thematic video tutorials hosted on the distance learning platform of the European University.

  • Detailed instructions for using various assessment and teaching methods on the Moodle platform.
  • Instructions for making a video recording of Zoom and uploading it to the distance learning platform;
  • Ensuring the security of video recordings for the protection of personal data.

"Planning a Student-centered learning process":

At the beginning of the fall semester, Training Center for Innovative Teaching Methods trained all new, academic and invited staff in a training module entitled " Planning a Student-Centered Learning Process ". The aim of this module is to deepen the knowledge of the training participants in the process of effective planning of the student-centered course, to provide information to the participants about the use of modern approaches and technologies, as well as to define the course objectives, results, content and demonstrate correctly defined methods in the syllabus and enhance the participants' practical skills.

Principles of Academic Integrity in Higher Education:

We would like to inform you that at the initiative of the European University and by organizing the Training Center for Innovative Teaching Methods, a training module entitled "Principles of Academic Integrity in Higher Education" has been created. The aim of the trainings is to promote the principles of academic integrity, protect intellectual property, introduce an effective mechanism for detecting plagiarism at the university, and prevent plagiarism. As a result, intensive trainings are being conducted for academic and invited staff in order to introduce this program in the teaching-learning process.