• DirectionLaw
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of LAw
  • Program managers:  Levan Meskhoradze, Tatia Dolidze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Length of the course: 8 terms
  • Program Volume: 240 credits
Aim of the program

The goal of the program is to promote establishing legal values in the national and international society; care for intellectual and professional development of students; prepare competitive specialists; equip students with knowledge and understanding of legal issues and teach them how to put their knowledge in practice. The program also ensures that students learn techniques necessary for lawyers and acquire the legal problem solving, communicating and teaching skills. It also helps students develop professional ethics and ability to pursue the legal values.   

In addition to main aspects of the national legal system, students have opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge and concentrate subjects to the following fields/specialties: Public Law, Criminal Law, Private Law, and International Law. Considering their interests and goals, the students have right to form an individual profile by selecting subjects of different specialization – for example, in private law with the elements of international law, or criminal law with the elements of public law.  Students also have an opportunity to master political, public, historic and economic aspects of law.  At their desire (within the bachelor of law program), students are able to learn non-legal disciplines that will help increase their knowledge in particular field or/and make sure they made a right decision while choosing their career.


Field of Employment

The graduates can get employed in the private and state structures, courts, ministries, and hold any position where a bachelor’s degree in law is necessary and passing the state certificate examination is not required by law.