Bachelor’s Degree program in Law

Head of the program

Co- manager of the program

The purpose of the program

The Bachelor's degree program in Law aims at:

1) Preparing a qualified lawyer,  competitive in the domestic and international labor market, who will have a wide knowledge of national law and in-depth knowledge of public, private, criminal or international law;

2) Preparing a specialist who, based on the acquired knowledge, will be  able to identify, solve, evaluate, reason, substantiate legal problem, produce legal documents, find legal sources (scientific publications, legislative changes, court decisions) and follow and process the news in the jurisdiction convey the reasoned position in writing and orally;

3) Also, preparing a specialist with professional and ethical values, social responsibility and democratic values.

The structure of the program

The Bachelor's degree program in Law consists of 240 credits, out of which:

General Compulsory Courses                                     29 ECTS credits

Compulsory Specialization Courses                           147 ECTS credits

Optional Specialization Course                                  4 ECTS credits

Specialization optional Block                                     38 ECTS credits 

Free credits                                                                  22 ECTS credits

Qualification to be awarded - Bachelor of Laws

Duration of study - 8 semesters

Bachelor’s Degree Program  - 240 ECTS credits

Language of instruction - Georgian

The following methods of teaching are used at the Bachelor ‘s Degree program in Law:

  • Explanation
  • Demonstrate
  • Case Study / Case Analysis
  • The Socratic method
  • Brain Storming
  • Comparative analysis
  • Norm analysis
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Heuristic method
  • Team work
  • Discussion
  • Work on literature
  • Written work
  • Role play / mock process
  • Presentation / abstract

Assessment methods:

Student Knowledge Assessment System provides:

Five positive evaluations:

(A) Excellent - 91-100 points;

(B) Very good - 81-90 points of maximum assessment;

(C) Good - 71-80 points of maximum assessment;

(D) Satisfactory - 61-70 points of maximum assessment;

(E) Sufficient - 51-60 points of maximum assessment.

Two types of negative assessment:

(FX) Did not pass - 41-50 points from maximum assessment, which means that a student needs to work harder to pass and is granted with the right to take one additional exam in terms of independent work;

(F) Fail- 40 points and less out of maximum assessment, which means the performance of a student is not sufficient and he/she has to learn the subject from the beginning.

In case of receiving a negative assessment (FX), the student has the right to take an additional exam in the same semester.

The student will be admitted to the additional examination even if he / she has exceeded the minimum threshold of the final positive assessment (51 points), but has not exceeded the minimum threshold of the final exam.

The student will be admitted to the final exam if he / she exceeds the minimum threshold of the intermediate assessment. The minimum competency threshold for intermediate assessment is 30%.

Credit can be granted if the student's results meet the following conditions:

A) Exceeded the minimum threshold of the final exam (the minimum threshold of the final exam is 50%);

B) Accumulated at least 51 points out of a maximum 100 points in the final evaluation.

The maximum grade for the course is 100 points, which includes intermediate and final grades.

The relative share of the final exam is determined within the academic freedom of the staff performing each course, but not more than 40% of the total grade (in case of practice and bachelor thesis, a different distribution of points is possible).

Field of employment

A graduate of the Bachelor's Degree program in Law can work in any position in the public or private sector where academic degree in Bachelor of Laws is required and the law does not require passing a State Certification Examination. Potential sectors of employment are ministries, the Parliament of Georgia, the Common Courts, the Constitutional Court, various legal entities under public law, non-governmental organizations, private companies and organizations of various profiles, private law bureau, law firms, etc.

The tuition fee for the Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law is 3200 GEL.