Head of the program

  • Besik Tabatadze
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The purpose of program

The purpose of the Bachelor Degree program in Informatics is to prepare graduates who:

  • Has competence in the field of informatics; Conducts research, draws up, develops or updates projects of Informatics in various fields;
  • Recognizes ethical and social aspects in the field of informatics while fulfilling his/her professional obligations;
  • Independently continues to develop new technologies in the field of informatics or gets education at the postgraduate level.

The structure of the program

The Bachelor Degree program in Informatics includes 240 credits, including:

Compulsory component - 188 credits

  • A free component focused on developing general, transfer skills - 34 credits
  • Compulsory training courses in the field of basic education - 134 credits
  • Practice – 5 credits
  • Bachelor thesis - 15 credits

  Elective  component  - 52 credits

  • Elective course in the field of basic education - 23 credits
  • Program Free Credits - 29 credits

Qualification to be awarded - Bachelor of Informatics

Duration of study - 8 semesters

Bachelor Degree Program - 240 credits

Language of instruction - Georgian

The following activities are used in connection with the teaching-learning methods in the bachelor's program in Informatics:

  • Explanatory;
  • Demonstration;
  • Case Study;
  • Brain Storming;
  • Comparative analysis;
  • Team work;
  • Oral Questioning;
  • Discussion;
  • Presentation;
  • Cooperative teaching;
  • Problem Based Learning (PBL);
  • Heuristic method;
  • Laboratory work;
  • Practical work;
  • Project;
  • Action-oriented training;
  • Verbal or oral work;
  • Induction;
  • Deduction;
  • Analysis;
  • Synthesis;
  • Audio-visual work.

Assessment methods:

Student Knowledge Assessment System provides:

Five positive evaluations:

(A) Excellent - 91-100 points;

(B) Very good - 81-90 points of maximum assessment;

(C) Good - 71-80 points of maximum assessment;

(D) Satisfactory - 61-70 points of maximum assessment;

(E) Sufficient - 51-60 points for maximum assessment.

Two types of negative assessment:

(FX) Did not pass - 41-50 points from maximum assessment, which means that a student needs to work harder to pass and is granted with the right to take one additional exam in terms of independent work;

(F) Fail- 40 points and less out of maximum assessment, which means the performance of a student is not sufficient and he/she has to learn the subject from the beginning.

In case of receiving a negative assessment (FX), the student has the right to take an additional exam in the same semester.

The student will be admitted to the additional examination even if he / she has exceeded the minimum threshold of the final positive assessment (51 points), but has not exceeded the minimum threshold of the final exam.

The student will be admitted to the final exam if he / she exceeds the minimum threshold of the intermediate assessment. The minimum competency threshold for intermediate assessment is 30%.

Credit can be granted if the student's results meet the following conditions:

A) Exceeded the minimum threshold of the final exam (the minimum threshold of the final exam is 50%);

B) Got at least 51 points out of a maximum 100 points in the final evaluation.

The maximum grade for the course is 100 points, which includes intermediate and final grades.

The relative share of the final exam is determined within the academic freedom of the staff performing each course, but not more than 40% of the total grade (in case of practice and bachelor thesis, a different distribution of points is possible).

Field of employment

The graduate of this educational program can be employed in a web studio, an Internet company, an advertising agency, any company that has a specialized department for software development. The competency level of the graduates corresponds to positions such as: a programmer, a developer, etc.

The profession responds to modern challenges, is one of the well-paid fields, and also provides long-term employment opportunities both within the country and abroad.

The tuition fee for the Bachelor Degree Program in Informatics is 2900 GEL.