European University organized the international conference about the Knowledge economy in modern Globalization

30.06.2017, Tbilisi - European University organized the international conference on Actual problems of Knowledge economy in modern Globalization. Specially for this day, professors from Ukraine, Macedonia and Poland arrived in Georgia. Globalization and its main challenges was the main issue to be discussed during the conference.

Firstly, the Plenary session was held. Developing knowledge economics and innovative entrepreneurial policy, trends in economic development of small countries, assessment of sustainable development, safety of wireless networks, taxes, business and audit - these were the issues discussed by Georgian and foreigner professors within the meeting.

After the end of Plenary session, the participants of the conference worked in sections. During the first section work, the professors talked about the theory and methodology, macroeconomics, finances and system problems. Furthermore, in order to make clear the main points of their opinions, they discussed some examples of different countries: European integration of Georgia, the tax system of Ukraine, Brexit and European financial system. After that the second section began, during which the participants discussed education and technology in general, information, communication and tourism. They also talked about the main challenges of 21st century: thermal efficiency, the tendencies in tourism development, robots of the future, Turing test and etc.

After the end of the conference, the professors from European University held the certificates to the professors from Georgia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Poland. It was the second time that European university organized the international conference in Tbilisi.

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