1st International Scientific Conference “Current Problems of Justice and their Solution 2015”

The International Scientific Conference “Current Problems of Justice and their Solution” organized by the Scientific Union in Law and the European University was held at the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia.

“After the declaration of independence of Georgia, the Georgian judiciary has come a long way. Unfortunately, the courts do not always stand at the proper height, as evidenced by the numerous complaints filed by the prosecutor’s office with the request of the courts to reconsider the verdicts handed down by the courts during the previous government. In addition to this, there are many shortcomings and problems in the legislation. Today, the conference is dedicated to searching the ways to overcome these problems and shortcomings,” - Ioseb Kelenjeridze.

Prominent Georgian and foreign scientists in the field of law, experts, and foreign judges participated in the conference. The conference was attended by the representatives of the judiciary, international organizations, Georgian governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, and scientific units.

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