The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the European University is the main educational unit of the University, which was established in 2019. Currently, none of the educational programs are being implemented at the faculty. It is noteworthy that the University has submitted an integrated Master's Degree educational program in Veterinary Medicine for accreditation to the LEPL-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. In case of being granted accreditation, the University will accept students in the 2020-2021 academic year, considering the results of the Unified National Examinations.

The aim of the faculty is to provide the opportunity to get education in the field of veterinary medicine corresponding to modern standards,  as well as to train future-oriented, highly qualified, competitive specialists in accordance with the growing demands of the local and international market.

Acting dean of the Faculty:

Head of the Program

Study Process Manager

  • Mariam Kutchava
  • Email:mariam.kutchava@eu.edu.ge


Attached Files:

Educational Programs

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