Jean Monnet Module

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Title of the Module: ''Europeanization as an instrument for the democratization of Georgia '' (620916-EPP-1-2020-1-GE-EPPJMO-MODULE)

Aim of the Module: To deepen the knowledge and encourage discussion about the European Union (EU) among Georgian students, pupils, and young researchers.

Beneficiaries: Current Students of European University or any other higher education institution authorized in Georgia, as well as schoolchildren of 11th and 12th grades.

Objective #1. Equip Georgian prospective and current students of different disciplines with knowledge about the EU and its democratizing power. 

Relevant Activities:

Organizing three winter schools at European University for its own and other university students of different faculties, as well as prospective students (higher secondary school pupils) based on the fully recognized syllabus of the European University BA program in international relations, entitled “Europeanization and Democratization”.

Publishing a blog post on the European University website of the best-performing participant after each winter school about one of the topics on the agenda that year.

Producing a mini-brochure with the action description, key topics discussed and main messages conveyed by the speakers, accompanied by their photos.

Objective #2. Enhancing academic excellence of young scholars and researchers in the field of Europeanization and Democratization;

Relevant Activities:

Conducting research, exploring why and how Europeanization is an instrument for the democratization of Georgia, and publishing up to 20 pages long policy paper co-authored by the young Ph.D. holders among the Module academic staff members

Presenting the research findings and the subsequent policy paper to the public at a special event held at European University

Objective #3. Encouraging policy dialogue between academics, policymakers, and the general public.

Relevant Activities:

Organizing three public discussions at European University about the topics of the Jean Monnet winter school, attended by students, academics, policymakers, and Erasmus+ network members in Georgia. The umbrella topics for each year’s Jean Monnet discussions are as follows:

  •  Jean Monnet Discussions 2021: Political aspects of the democratization of Georgia in the light of the EU policies;
  •  Jean Monnet Discussions 2022: Strengthening Georgia’s institutions through the sectoral harmonization with the EU policies;
  •  Jean Monnet Discussions 2023: Georgia’s Foreign and Regional Affairs, as seen from the EU;

Academic Coordinator of the Module:

  • Prof. Levan Makhashvili, European Studies Expert, Affiliate Associate Professor at European University, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Chairman of Parliament.

Other members of the Module-coordinating academic team: 

  • Prof. Grigol Gegelia, Political Scientist, Invited Lecturer at European University; one of the leaders of the political party ''Lelo for Georgia'', Foreign Secretary and Member of  National Political Council. 
  • Prof. Emil Avdaliani, Historian, Affiliate Full Professor at European University, Director of Oriental Studies at Research Institute ''GeoCase''
  • Assistant Prof. Tatia Dolidze, European Studies Expert, Assistant Professor at European University and Invited Lecturer at Tbilisi State University, Head of International Relations Office of European University and Kutaisi University, Head of International Relations Study Program at European University, Affiliate Researcher at Georgian Institute of Politics
  • Assistant Prof. Giorgi Gobronidze, Security Researcher, Assistant Professor and Head of Strategic Development Office at European University

Other members of the Module-implementing academic team:

  • Prof. Nino Abzianidze, Political Scientist, Invited Lecturer at European University, Communications Coordinator at Georgian Institute of Politics 
  • Prof. Simon (Amiran) Tavartkiladze, Economist, Affiliate Full Professor at European University
  • Prof. Giorgi Mchedlishvili, Historian, Associate Professor at European University

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