Medical Doctor

  • Qualification Awarded:  Medical Doctor
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Duration: 12 terms
  • Program Capacity: 360 credits
  • Tuition Fee for the Program in English: 5000 USD equivalent in GEL


The purpose of the programme

The goal of the program is to prepare a professional of modern standards, which will be able to apply the principles of evidence-based medicine, ethics, research and communicational skills to his/her practice efficiently; to enhance the self-establishment and professional development in constantly changing environment.

Tasks of the programme:

  • To prepare graduates with modern knowledge in Biomedical, Clinical and Social sciences;
  • To ensure graduates with relevant research and clinical skills;
  • To develop high ethical values and professional attitudes, effective communication with colleagues and patients
  • To inspire graduates with awareness of continuous improvement of their knowledge and further development of relevant skills;
  • To enhance the wellbeing of the society through health promotion and disease prevention.