Stop/Activate student Status

What does termination of student status mean?

Student status is terminated based on an order of the rector that leads to abolishment of a contract between the student and university. However, the parties are not relieved from implementing the default mutual responsibilities arisen before the contract is abolished.


What can be the ground for termination of student status?
  • Completion of educational programs at given level.
  • Personal application.
  • Expiration of 5-year period after student status suspension, except for the case envisaged by the legislation
  • Death or recognition of death by a court.
  • Other grounds envisaged by the current legislation.


What are the legal consequences of student status termination?

The legal consequences considered by the legal acts on termination of student status arise twelve months after issuance of the order. Within this period of time, the student status is considered suspended and the student is entitled to enjoy the right of mobility, except for the cases when the ground for suspension of student status is incompatible with the regulation of the recipient institution.


How can I get student status again?
  • If student status is terminated, it is permitted to get it again through a regulation established by the legislation.