International Relations

  • DirectionSocial Sciences
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of International Relations
  • Program managers: Mikheil Kiknadze, Tatia Dolidze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Length of the course: 8 terms
  • Program Volume: 240 credits


Program Goal

Aim of the bachelor’s degree program in international relations is to:

  • Prepare highly qualified specialists in international relations who will have professional skills and knowledge that meets modern demands.
  • Provide students with a thorough knowledge of international, regional and national security, international trade and economic relations, international law, diplomatic relations and contemporary political processes.
  • Help them learn the principles of diplomatic activity, theory and practice of modern diplomacy, gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the study and regulation of international relations and international political, economic and cultural processes.
  • Get its students know about  the system of international relations, international organizations and associations, problems and trends in the world policy development, international and national security issues, foreign policy and diplomacy of Georgia and foreign countries, international law, international economic relations, processes of international integration, and current  problems of international conflicts.
  • Teach them basic trends and approaches in the theory of international law. Help them understand and generalize problems existing in modern international relations and adopt their theoretical knowledge to these problems.
  • Teach students two compulsory foreign languages necessary for future professional activities and equip them with knowledge in History, Geography, Economics, Law, Psychology, basics of Sociology, and necessary level of knowledge for further professional activity of the graduate.
  • Help students acquire skills to make operative and strategic decisions, work with documents, scientific sources, literature and internet resources independently.


Employment Area

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies, Diplomatic Representations.