<span>TATIA AFRASIDZE</span>


Assistant Professor
Assistant professor

Tatia Aprasidze successfully graduated the Classical and Traditional Medicine Academy with the specialization of Medical Doctor in 2007, in 2011 - St. King Tamar Social Medicine Institute specializing in Psychotherapy. The same year - Residency in Children's Neurology at Tbilisi State Medical University. Since 2015 she is a PhD candidate at David Tvildiani Medical University "Aieti".

In 2013 she held a position of the Child Neurologist at the Emergency Medicine Department of Amtel Hospital. From 2013 till present she works as a Children Neurologist in Neuroscience Department of Iashvili Children's Central Hospital of Medical Corporation Evex.

She has participated in various international forums, conferences, trainings and seminars, including: World Stroke Congress (Montreal, Canada, 2018) International Congress of Child Neurology (Amsterdam, Holland, 2016), II International Course "Drug resistant focal epilepsies" (Italy 2015), Meeting of European Society of Pediatric Neurology (Bucharest, Romania, 2014).

She is the author of several scientific researches. In 2017 she received a grant from the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation ‘‘Grant Competition for Doctorate Educational Programs''.


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