<span>TAMAR KOPADZE</span>


Assistant Professor

Tamar Kopadze successfully graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Riga State Medical Institute (Latvia), in 1983 - Faculty of Medicine of Tbilisi State Medical Institute, in 1984 - Internship in Neurology. In 2001 she defended the Candidate Thesis: "Speech, Praxis and Memory Disorder Features in Basal Ganglia during Hemorrhagic Stroke".

Over the years, she worked as a neurologist in various clinics, Emergency Station in Tbilisi, Institute of Morphology, Medical Center and MIA Hospital. At present, she is holding the same position in at Amtel Hospital.

She has participated in various scientific conferences, including: First International Scientific Methodological Conference - Medicine in Classical University Education (Tbilisi, 2002), International Scientific-Practical Conference - Neurology from birth to old age (Tbilisi, 2003). 

Tamar Kopadze is the author of dozens of scientific papers.

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