<span>Darejan Bitsadze</span>

Darejan Bitsadze

Invited Staff
Doctor of Mathematics

Darejan Bitsadze successfully graduated from Tbilisi State University on the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics in 1976 and was awarded  with a Doctor of Mathematics in 1990.

In 1976-1993 she worked as a scientific worker at N. Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics at the Georgian NationalAcademy of Sciences; She has been carrying out educational acvtivities since 1993 in the different universities of Georgia. At European University she is leading the courses on Mathematics, Economics and Probability Theory.

Darejan Bitsadze has participated in numerous international conferences and symposiums; she has published about 40 scientific works, including 4 manuals.

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