<span>Nino Petviashvili </span>

Nino Petviashvili

Affiliated Professor

Nino Petviashvili was awarded with a Master’s Degree of Philology of Russian Language and Literature in Tbilisi State University in 1991.

In 1991-1993 she conducted lectures on translation theory and history at Technical University; in 1993-1995 she led the Russian Language Course in the private Institute of “Palavani”; over the years she worked as a Russian language teacher in private schools and institutions. She is the head of Teachers' training program at European University in addition, an expert-consultant of minority languages of the National Center for Professional Development of Teachers; Authorization and Accreditation Expert for General and Vocational Institutions of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement; besides, she is the co-author of 6 Module Program within the framework of the Vocational Qualification Development Program, and Expert-facilitator of 7 Professional Standards by DACUM Methodology (National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement). Nino Petviashvili is an author of a number of methodical articles in electronic newspaper:, and co-author of the book "Europe on my lesson".



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