European University hosted the Erasmus+ International Staff Week

From June 3-7, European University hosted the Erasmus+ International Staff Week. This event provided participants with comprehensive insights into both the academic and institutional facets of the university. Simultaneously, through various activities, participants had the opportunity to share and experience Georgian culture.

The active engagement of representatives from seven countries in the scheduled events greatly facilitated the enhancement of inter-university collaboration. This participation marked the transition to a new phase of partnership.

The week commenced with a presentation of the faculties at European University, followed by an interactive Georgian language lesson and an in-depth presentation on Georgia's history and traditions. These activities provided the guests with a deeper understanding of Georgian culture. The day concluded with a tour of the university's mock courtroom and historical-archaeological museum.

The second day focused on exploring the historical landmarks of Tbilisi, offering an in-depth look at the city's culture and history. The participants were captivated by the city's timeless charm and vibrant atmosphere, making it a memorable experience.

The third day was dedicated to familiarizing participants with the university environment. Guests toured the medical campus of European University. Representatives from various institutions shared detailed information about their respective educational organizations with colleagues and European University personnel.

On the fourth and fifth days, the guests visited Kutaisi University, where a working meeting was conducted, emphasizing its role as a regional higher education institution affiliated with European University. In addition to the representatives from the International Relations Office, notable attendees at the working meeting included Teona Grigolashvili, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business, and Law, Tamar Pertaia, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Quality Assurance Office, Tatia Kharabadze, and Giorgi Datuashvili, Head of the Strategic Development Service. The latter portion of the day was dedicated to a guided tour around Kutaisi. In the evening, participants engaged in a culinary masterclass featuring the preparation of traditional Georgian dishes, including mchadi and khachapuri. On the final day of the week, they explored the Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve.

The attendees departed Georgia with a thorough understanding of the educational endeavors of European University and Kutaisi University. They appreciated the cultural, collaborative, and intellectual environments, demonstrating the universities' dedication to global education.

Such events contribute to raising awareness of the European University on a global scale and laying the foundation for new international university connections.

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