The academic and administrative personnel of European University embarked on a professional visit to EKA University of Applied Sciences

As part of the Erasmus+ international mobility program, Associate Professor Besik Tabatadze, Assistant Professor Nikoloz Katsitadze, Head of the Undergraduate Law Program Levan Meskoradze, and International Relations Officer Nino Kandelaki undertook a working visit to EKA University of Applied Sciences.

They participated in the International Week hosted by EKA University of Applied Sciences from April 22 to 26 in Latvia. The event featured a comprehensive schedule of activities, including lectures, workshops, and seminars led by various international experts and lecturers. Professors from the European University delivered lectures to the students as well as other contributions.

It is worth noting that, such initiatives are invaluable in enhancing the skills and knowledge of academic staff, promoting innovation, and fostering international cooperation.

European University's participation in this program underscores its commitment to academic excellence and international collaboration. By engaging with global academic communities, the university continues to expand its horizons, through enhanced educational experiences and broader cultural perspectives.

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