European University hosted Vice President for Global Initiatives of the California Baptist University

On October 8, European University hosted Dr. Larry Linamen, Vice President for Global Initiatives of the California Baptist University (CBU). 

The meeting was attended by the Rector of European University,the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, the Quality Assurance Manager of the Faculty of Medicine, the Head and the Managers of the International Relations Office.

Parties discussed the possibilities of implementing joint research, academic mobility, extra-curricular activities and planned the signing of a Cooperation Agreement. 

At the Building of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Linamenexplored the medical simulation center, the dentistry teaching facilities and the laboratories, after which he moved to the Administrative Building where he visited the mock parliament and court rooms, lecture halls and computer labs.

California Baptist University is a comprehensive higher education institution, which offers over 150 undergraduate, 45 graduate and 7 doctoral programs. It is noteworthy, that CBU was recently ranked number 5 for “the Best University Campus” in the United States.