Lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine of the European University within the framework of the Erasmus + Academic Staff Mobility visited University of Malaga

Lecturers from the Faculty of Medicine of the European University, Associate Professor Maia Mantskava, and Visiting Lecturer Nino Pavliashvili from June 7 to June 11, 2021, within the framework of the Erasmus + Academic Staff Mobility, visited the Partner University of Malaga (Spain).
Within the framework of mobility, representatives of the European University gave lectures to Spanish students of health engineering and held meetings with representatives of the University of Malaga.
Nino Pavliashvili gave lectures to Spanish students on how to prepare a scientific article, publish it in a relevant medical journal and manage the process. Related topics were briefly discussed with this topic - Ensuring Publication Protection, Statistical Analysis, and Oral Presentation.
Maia Mantskava delivered lectures on Covid security from a scientific and medical point of view, based on extensive and important research on Kovid security. Professor Mantskava also agreed with his Spanish colleagues to work on a future project involving the leasing of relevant medical equipment from the University of Malaga at the Faculty of Medicine of the European University. Doctor of Medicine Nino Pavliashvili was considered as the coordinator of the project.
During the mobility period, the infrastructure of the University of Malaga was introduced, a visit was made to the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the University Clinic, which made a special impression in terms of equipment and professionalism of the staff. It was also extremely important to visit the surgery, therapy, dermatology, and other departments. Georgian and Spanish professors shared their experiences, which may also be useful in evaluating the work of a similar type of medical institution in Georgia.

Both lecturers noted that this visit was extremely important for them in terms of sharing and deepening their academic and cultural experiences. New contours of academic and scientific cooperation with the University of Malaga were also revealed, which will be further strengthened by the future visit of the representatives of the Spanish University to Georgia.