A graduation ceremony was held at the Faculty of Medicine of the European University

At the Faculty of Medicine of the European University, the graduation event English-language programs of the medical doctors and dental medicine were held, which attended by the foreign graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of European University.

At the event speech was addressed to students, rector of European University Nino Taliashvili, Dean of the Faculty, Natia Jojua, Head of the Stomatology Program, Sophio Samkharadze, co-head of the Medicine Program, Eka Jabua and the Quality Assurance Manager of the Faculty of Medicine, Tinatin Gognadze. The Vice Rector of the University in the direction of international relations Tamar Zarginava, congratulated the students in writing, who is currently in self-insulation.

The event was attended by President of European University Lasha Kandelakishvili.

The evening was led by Georgian singer, the Junior Eurovision and Georgian Public Broadcasting TV presenter Elene Kalandadze. Musically evening was covered with royal Ms. Tamila Chiradze and violin Mr. Samuel Perikharian.

Graduation evening was carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the pandemic situation, and the live was transmitted to the official Facebook and YouTube channels of the European University, that allow parents of the graduates to look at the ceremony in different countries.

It is noteworthy that graduates of European University continues successfully professional activities in many countries around the world.