Erasmus K107 Mobility Call at the Faculty of Medicine

European University announces Erasmus+ KA107 exchange mobility call for the academic personnel of the European University Faculty of Medicine and administrative staff.


  • The number of teaching placements in the field of biostatistics and related areas: 2.
  • The number of Training placements for the professors in the field of health engineering, biostatistics and related areas: 1.
  • The number of placements for the administrative personnel in the field of internationalization: 1.

The professors in teaching and training fields will be hosted by the program of Health Engineering at the University of Malaga (Spain).

Registration and application

The registration and application will be conducted via the Apolo platform of the University of Malaga, following the instructions to apply for a place.


Candidates must be accepted and evaluated positively (≥ 50), both by the University of Malaga and by the host University, according to the following criteria:

Work Plan (template teaching/training   - up to 100 points.

The academic coordinators of both institutions will evaluate all applications. Both evaluations will be made by scoring from 0 to 100. For the final grade, the arithmetic mean will be made between the two scores obtained.

UMA will evaluate the work plan following the criteria described in this link (each item will be valued between 0 and 10, up to a maximum of 100), which the partner university may also use if it considers them convenient or uses its own to give a single final note.


Provisional and final lists of the call will be published on the website of the University of Malaga.


Regular mobility duration is seven days for staff.


  • Mobility Period: 5 days + 2 travel days.
  • Registration and application deadline: October 11, 2020 (23:59 GMT + 1)
  • All mobilities must end before July 31, 2022.

Documents and nominated staff

Grant Agreement

Mobility Agreement - Teaching (Work plan)

Mobility Agreement - Training (Work plan)


Please, contact us at


Please, see the information concerning the grant here.

Additional information

Please, see more information concerning the call here.