The 8th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Medicine

The 8th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Medicine was held online at the European University On June 24,25, 2020.
Scientific works presented at the Conference were covering diverse fields of medicine and were based on scientific research conducted by the students under supervision of academic and invited personnel of Medical Faculty. After each presentation students were answering questions of the scientific committee and were actively participating in the discussions.

All participants of the conference were awarded with certificates.

The following students have been chosen as the authors of the best presentation:

  • I place - Alikya Chipurupalli and Rohit Rathore - ,,Comparison Analysis of Virulence Factors at the Genome level in SARS and COVID 19 

Supervisors: Ia Kusradze ; Natia Karumidze

  • II place - Sahishnuta Deshmukh - ,,CRISPR- A transpiring tool for genome editing’’

Supervisor: Valiko Begiashvili

  • III place - Dayama Litesh Nandkishor - ,,Impact of distance learning on mental stress of student’’ 

Supervisor: Lali Koptonashvili

  • III place - Saima Amin - ,,Cardiovascular complications  in covid-19’’

Supervisor: Lali Koptonashvili

Special Certificates were awarded in the following categories:

The best presenter:

  • Ankita Pannu - ,,Living by the clock:the phenomenon of chronobiology’’

The best presentation of the scientific work:

  • Aravind Gummadi and Ravisha Uppal - ,,Telemedicine - the future’’
  • Rathod Jerold MacDonald - ,,Burnout, stress and depression in Medical field during COVID-19’’
  • Limbachiya Dhruv babubhai -  ,,Fetal stress impact in the development of attention deficit disorder hyperactivity disorder in children



Students selected for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get special awards together with the certificate.