Evaluation of auditory work

Within the framework of the internal quality assurance mechanisms of European University, in order to promote the development of the persons involved in the teaching process and to introduce a culture of quality assurance, the Audit work process was carried out remotely by the Quality Assurance Service. The purpose of this process was to identify staffing needs and share best practices with colleagues.

The evaluation of the audit work was carried out by a representative of the Quality Assurance Service, program manager, field or related field specialist and the head of the Innovative Teaching Methods Training Center with those academic or invited staff, who were first studying at university or needed re-evaluation because of the improvement aspects identified as a result of previous observations of audit work.

Evaluation results and feedback were shared by the Quality Assurance Service individually with those academic or invited staff with whom attendance was made.

Upon completion of the process, a summary evaluation report was submitted by the Quality Assurance Service to the Deans of the Faculty and the relevant program leaders to review the evaluation results and, if identified, to plan, implement, and report to the Quality Assurance Service for appropriate response.