Meetings of Quality Assurance Service representatives with students

The Quality Assurance Service of European University held meetings with students of all educational programs operating at the University from 25 May to 5 June 2020. During the meeting, students were provided with information about the quality assurance service, what purpose the structural unit serves and at what time the student can apply to it. Be informed about the availability of internal legal acts related to students' rights and obligations, explain what type of information can be found in these documents. During the meeting, the students discussed the steps taken by the university in response to their recommendations.

One of the main purposes of the meetings was also to evaluate the distance learning and administration issues, distance learning midterm exams, as well as general assessment of educational programs, program staff, teaching and examination processes, material and technical base, infrastructure by students.

Some of the issues raised during the meetings have already been promptly responded to by the university administration.

The results of the student evaluations were presented in the form of a report to the faculties and other structural units in order to introduce the positive evaluations and respond to the issues of concern.