Meeting of the Quality Assurance Department with the heads of educational programs and deans to get acquainted with the results of the evaluation of the academic and invited staff

Within the framework of quality assurance mechanisms, in order to develop educational programs, the activities of the academic and invited staff involved in the implementation of the programs are evaluated on a semester basis.

For the autumn semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, all individuals who were engaged in academic activities during that period were evaluated.

On March 5, the Quality Assurance Department held a meeting to review the results of the evaluation, which was attended by program managers, deans, representatives of the Quality Assurance Department, and the Rector.

During the meeting, the program leaders and deans once again explained the evaluation process of the academic and invited staff and the related needs and approaches, as well as their importance in the evaluation process. Attendees expressed specific views on the matter and outlined ways for program managers and deans to respond.

The Quality Assurance Department will share the evaluation results individually with the Academic and Invited staff.