Meeting of the Quality Assurance Service with the heads of educational programs

On February 18, a meeting was held by the Quality Assurance Department within the framework of quality assurance mechanisms to conduct an annual evaluation of the development of educational programs and learning outcomes, which was attended by the program leaders and the structural units of the university, which are involved in the annual evaluation of educational programs.

The purpose of this mechanism is to assess the annual development of resources needed for the implementation of educational programs and to obtain the set learning outcomes.

The annual evaluation form of the educational program includes a description and evaluation of the changes made during the reporting period, within the program, data on student academic achievement and alumni employment, as well as a description of current changes in staff and technical resources required for the program.

The purpose of the mechanism was explained to the evaluation participants during the meeting and the work to be done was planned.

The evaluation program of the educational program will be prepared by the head of the program at the end of each academic year in cooperation with other structural units of the University. The report will be submitted to the Quality Assurance Department. If necessary, recommendations will be developed for the development of the educational program and for better achievement of the learning outcomes set by the program.