Contest for Scholarships in the Dental Medicine Clerkship Program at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University in Turkey

Contest for Scholarships in the Dental Medicine Clerkship Program at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University in Turkey

European University Faculty of Medicine announces a contest for dental medicine clerkship scholarships for two students of the program of Dental Medicine (including both Georgian and English medium ones) at a partner Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University in Turkey.

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University is one of the best universities in Turkey and a high-ranking university in the world offering multiple academic programs. 

Clerkship period and scope

The clerkship will start on 1 March and finish on 10th March 2020. It will be conducted in the university clinic. The required language for the clerkship is English (minimum Upper-Intermediate level). The clerkship includes clinical practice under supervision. It is not intended to accumulate ECTS credits but to assist the student to broaden his/her knowledge and skills.  


All V- IX semester students of Georgian and English dental programs are eligible to participate in the contest.


Each scholarship includes one-time funding of 150 USD

Number of Scholarships: for two students.


The Faculty will ensure the students’ effective communication with a host institution before the arrival and during the clerkship time. 

Costs not covered by the scholarship

Selected students will cover visa, flight, accommodation and other related costs on their own. They can use the scholarship for that purpose as well (for two selected student the clerkship at the partner university will be free of charge).  


The selected students will have the necessary administrative support from the Faculty related to visa procedures. 


The contestants should apply for the scholarship no later than 13 February 6 pm via filling in the application form. All candidates must be aware that they need to have relevant health conditions that enable them to attend the clerkship program without disturbances. All candidates must have valid passports and residency cards extending the period of the clerkship. 

Selection criteria

Two winners of the scholarships will be selected according to the results of the interview with the selection commission

The interview includes two parts. Maximum assessment point from both parts is 100. 

In the first part, the candidates will be examined in their English language skills. The students should prove their speaking competency minimum at Upper-Intermediate level. Maximum assessment point – 50.

In the second part, the candidates will have an interview in the general knowledge of dental medicine. The commission will test the candidate’s knowledge in the basic concepts of dental medicine — maximum assessment point – 50.

The two candidates who get total highest points from both parts will be awarded scholarships.

Interview dates

The interview will be held at 1 pm on 14 February in the building of the Faculty of Medicine (17 D. Sarajishvili Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia).

Announcement of the results

The results of the interview will be announced on 15 February. 


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