Law, Humanitarian and Social

Faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Science was established in 2014. It implements bachelor, master and preparatory educational programs. Aim of the faculty is to prepare specialists of high quality which means providing students with both practical and theoretical knowledge. Additionally, the faculty helps students develop the scientific-research skills. For this purpose, students go through law clinics in courts and the state structures, take part in student conferences and different student activities organized by the university.

The faculty of Law, Humanitarian and Social Science, ensures not only the higher level of education, but carries out the field scientific-research work. Therefore, there is a scientific-research institute of law based on the faculty which publishes a scientific journal -Law and the World twice a year.

The faculty organizes international projects, invites international experts, and holds master classes and certificate seminars with their participation. Moreover, for the purpose of internship and practice, students with the highest academic performance are sent to Europe and the USA.

Educational Programs

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