Exam Center

Frequently asked Questions

What procedures shall I go through before the exam?
  • You are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination and go through registration – sign in the relevant list or notify an invigilator about your presence for marking.
What are procedures for examinations?
  • After the registration, students get exam questions / tests. The invigilator informs students about the code of behavior on the exam.
  • Examination time is determined according to the course syllabus.
  • In case of late arrival, students are permitted to enter the examination room during the first 15 minutes only. This time will not be added to the student's examination time.
What are the rights and obligations of an invigilator?
  • Before the start of examination, an invigilator shall introduce students with the rules to be followed during the examination process. He/she shall monitor the course of examination and take relevant measures in case of breaches of regulations. 
  • An invigilator can require students to leave mobile phones, electronic gadgets, books, handouts and other equipment except for those required for the examination.  Additionally, he/she shall require them to leave papers for a first draft.
  • An invigilator is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of works.
  • An invigilator shall inform students about expiration of time 10 minutes before the examination time is over. After the examination time is expired, he/she shall hand in the works to relevant Dean’s Office.
  • A student is obliged to hand in the work in timely manner as soon as the examination time expires. In addition, a student shall obey the instructions and decisions of the invigilator albeit on being removed from the examination.
What can/can’t I bring into the exam room?
  • A student can bring or request support material (calculator, code, multiplication table, map, etc.) permitted by the examination card/test. He/she can also take drinking water.
  • During the examination, a student shall turn off any electronic gadgets (mobile phone, photo and video camera, and others.) and put them in designated for them area.
When can I challenge the examination results?

You can challenge the results two days after the results of the examination are released.

What are the reasons for being forced out of an examination room?
  • If a dictionary, cheat sheet, mobile phone, iPad, calculator and support material, (except permitted cases) or other electronic gadgets (even turned off) are detected.
  • Breaching the peace, insulting of other candidates, or similar cases.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or psychotropic substances.
  • Attempting to pass the examination instead of another person.
  • A student gets warning when breaching any other rules. In case of the second warning, an invigilator is obliged to remove a student from examination.
In what cases my work won’t be assessed?
  • If you don’t stop writing and hand in your work upon expiring the examination time.
  • If you write a name, surname (except on specially provided paper), indicate information that enables identifying a certain person, or any kind of graphic image which is not related to the examination task.
  • If you are removed from the examination due to the relevant breaches.