Recognition of Credits

Compliance of Educational Programs and the Rule of Recognition of Education Gained Through the Period of Study


  • The relevant faculty of European University determines whether the academic results of mobility applicant achieved in other educational programs is in compliance with those offered by the faculty itself. It also develops the Act of Conclusion/Comparison about possibility of relevant credit recognition.
  • Credits, received within the educational programs enrollment on which and training took place in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, are subject to recognition; Credits are recognized according to the requirements envisaged by the legislation of Georgia.
  • As a result of content analysis, it is possible to determine compliance of the courses undertaken by a student and considered by a recipient educational program of the faculty:
  1. Regardless the differences in their names.
  2. If the ECTS credit, considered by the educational program, implemented by the recipient faculty/school for the same course is different, the recognition is carried out by taking into consideration the content compliance of the course existing in the program of the recipient faculty/school.
  • The credits are recognized based on the following principles:
  1. Compliance with the European Credit System of Transfer and Accumulation (ECTS)
  2. Compliance and compatibility with the higher educational program chosen by the student.
  3. Compliance and compatibility with the university curriculum.
  4. Positive assessment in the university examination / interview.
  • Recognition of the course of education that is not covered by the educational program of European University is permitted within the free credits. Credits, left without acknowledgment over the free credits, will be reflected in the Appendix to diploma.
  • If the program offered by the recipient university considers it compulsory to know another foreign language, knowledge of the language can be determined by an internal examination on the ground of a student's application, based on which the student will go on to study from the appropriate level. A student is entitled to accumulate different credits within the free credit.
  • If the mobility applicant submitted an educational program that is not implemented under the ECTS / European Credit Transfer System, the relevant temporary commission of the institution is authorized to require the mobility applicant to resubmit the educational program relevant to ECTS / European Credit Transfer System or calculate student’s load with credits under the rules of the legislation itself and carry out  transfer in accordance with the following rules:
  1. If an educational program is performed in astronomic hours, the total number of a particular course will be multiplied by 3 and divided by the equivalent of one credit in hours, i.e. 25.  For example, if the subject load in astronomic hour equals 60 hours, it is multiplied by 3 and divided by 25: 60x3 / 25 = 7, 2, which is rounded to 7.
  2. If the student's assessment in another higher educational institution is in line with the 5-point system, it shall be transferred to a 100-point assessment system with the following principle:

• Conditionally consider grade 5 / excellent / as grade- A 91 (excellent).

• Conditionally consider grade 4 / good / as minimum - C 71 (good).

• Conditionally consider grade 3 / satisfactory / as minimum -D 61 (satisfactory).

    3. Transferring of the evaluation “Pass” is carried out by the following principle: The total scores, obtained through modification of 5-point system with a 100-point assessment system (total number), are divided by the number of these academic disciplines and the figure obtained will be considered "Pass"; For example 81 (4) +91 (5) +71 (4) +71 (4) +91 (5) +81 (4) = 486/6 = 81 (B).

  • European University is authorized to recognize student's academic achievement in the relevant level of higher academic educational program for the purpose of granting the relevant qualification for overcoming the same level of other higher academic educational program.
  • Based on the number of credits recognized, the student is recommended to continue his/her studies from the relevant therm.