Based on the methodology of strategic planning, there is a group of 15 members composed under the order of the rector at European University to carry out the process of strategic planning. The Group is responsible for developing strategic, action and monitoring plans, involving a wide range of the University community in this process and sharing information. The Strategic Planning Group is directed by the University Rector.

The following documents will be developed for the 2018-2019 academic year after the process of strategic planning has been completed:

  • 7 year Strategic Plan of the University
  • 7 year Monitoring Plan of the University
  • 3 year Action Plan of the University

At this stage, the project of strategic directions is designed defining strategic directions, goals, results and tasks of the university.

European University allows all the interested people to air their vision.

If interested, please contact Levan Madatovi - strategic development manager.; 2 000 171 (106)