Programing and Web-Developing

  • Direction: Engineering
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Engineering  
  • Program Directors: Tea Todua, Besik Tabatadze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Duration: 8 terms
  • Program volume: 240 credits
Aim of Program

According to modern demands of the job market, the program aims at shaping a professional specialist in the field of programing and web-development. A goal of the program is to ensure a graduate can deal with different tasks in his/her future practical work and create relevant software. For this purpose, the program intends to develop the knowledge and practical skills corresponding with the qualification of Bachelor of Informatics. The program aim is to equip a student with the practical skills for web-programing and software developing by using actual programing languages, hardware, and software that will enable him/her to independently put the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired into practice.

The main task of the program is to prepare a student for successful career for which it is necessary to help him/her develop good logical and critical thinking, as well as effective communication skills in a foreign language, along with field knowledge and skills.


Field of Employment

A graduate can be employed in a web studio, Internet Company, advertising agency, and any company in which specialized departments for website services are available. Such an office now exists in almost all kinds of organizations. The competence level of the graduates is consistent with positions such as: Web Programmer, Web Designer, Web Developer, etc.