Business Administration


  • Direction:  Business Administration
  • Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Program Director: Gocha Tutberidze
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Duration: 8 terms
  • Program Volume: 240 credits


Objective of the program

Objective of the bachelor degree program in business administration is to prepare competitive, qualified specialists in accordance with the requirements specified in the area of education and science, who will be equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional values and focused on professional development and will have relevant field and general (transferable) competencies of the first level of higher education qualifications and will be able to enter the job market.

The educational program ensures shaping of student national consciousness and forming their civil values. Creative and critical thinking leads to a student being competitive in a job market and ready for the next level of study.

The goal of the educational program is to prepare a specialist of business administration in accordance with the competences specified by the qualifications framework, namely: provide broad knowledge of business with critical thinking of theories and principles and understanding the complex issues of the field. After the program, a bachelor will develop theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of business administration. He/she will form an opinion about modern techniques of business administration and have ability to analyze and draw relevant conclusion.  The program graduates will be able to work out practical skills enabling them to pursue their studies at the master's education program.


Field of employment

A bachelor program graduate may take a job in the public and private sectors. He/she can hold any position which does not require a master’s degree and become employed in non-governmental, local or international organizations and business structures, initial and mid-level management, and on relevant positions in an administrative or financial part of a company. Also, in any functional field of business which refers to activities of the structural unit of the manager.