Finances and Banking

  • Direction: Business Administration
  • Quality awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration in Finances
  • Language of instruction: Georgian
  • Duration: 8 terms
  • Program volume: 240 credits


Aim of the Program

Bachelor’s educational program of finances and banking is focused on preparing specialists, with all the necessary competencies specified by the specialty of finances and banking, who will be competitive in the job market and equipped with the wide range of knowledge of functional fields of business and their interaction. Additionally, it aims at providing students with the skills necessary for professional activities in the field of finances and banking, as well as professional and personal responsibilities and motivation to get involved in ongoing social and economic processes in the country.

In terms of increasing competitiveness and business internationalization, considering the challenges in education, job market and the fields of economic system, the aim of the program is to prepare a specialist holding a Bachelor's degree, who will be equipped with relevant competences, manage to find a place in the finances and banking sector and contribute to field development in accordance with the level of competence within the national qualification framework. 


Field of Employment

The graduate of Finances and Banking Bachelor Program - Bachelor of Business Administration can hold positions in public and private sectors, work in any job, which does not require a master's degree, and be employed in non-governmental, local and international organizations and business structures, including the state financial institutions, the banking sector and insurance companies, the financial departments, accounting office and administration of the institution, and various functional areas of business.